Terms and conditions

  1. The space on the webpage does not give the sponsor the right to own any part of the site.

  2. The minimum is 100 pixels (10x10) for $100 (USD).

  3. NO REFUNDS after the submitted information has been published on the webpage. In case of REFUND, the sponsor get only 50% back.

  4. Block(s) of pixels will only be published when the bill is paid.

  5. The block(s) (image) will be published on the website within 24 to 72 hours, after the sponsor pays the open bill. Sometimes it might take longer because of the money transfer, so we apologize in advance.

  6. After the submission, the image (logo or animation) on the block(s) cannot be changed. Neither the page we link to, unless there is a good reason for doing so. We decide if changes are free of charge or not.

  7. The image (logo or animation), or the link should not offend any person, religion, race, country, ...etc and etc. and should keep the moral values. In these cases, we have the right to decide what goes on the page.

  8. After submission, if the link of the image (logo or animation) changed to an offensive website, we have the right to remove that block(s) from our website. We will activate that block(s) after the sponsor properly correct his or her link. There is NO REFUND and activation is no free of charge.

  9. The image (logo or animation) will stay on the web page for at least 1 or 2 years or longer, depending on the traffic.

  10. If for whatever reason in the future the sponsor wants his or her image and link removed from our website, he or she can do that, but there will be NO REFUND and the block(s) will become publically available again

  11. The image (logo or animation) must be in GIF or JPG format, and the appropiate file size must be submitted. Otherwise we will have to fix it to fit the block.

  12. In time the look or appearance of the website may change, but the image (logo or animation) and the link would still be available.

  13. We cannot guarantee that the website will never be faulty, but we will correct reported faults as soon as we reasonably can. In much case, it depends on the webhosting agency.

  14. We reserve the rights to temporarily suspend the services for maintanance and technical reasons, of course, we will restore the services as soon as possible.

  15. Hacking attacks that disturb the businness activity of our website will also be taken in consideration. We have the right to suspend the services to fix the errors.

  16. The image (logo or animation) and link provided for publication in our freeware game, follow the same rules mention above.